21 Oct

DIANA – Perpetual surrender

As Aapie is moving this week I will be holding the fort. For me this week started off with more of the same as last week, traveling to London playing through my list of stuff to listen to while working. Again many albums passed me by until I bumped into the album from DIANA – Perpetual Surrender.

It’s been out a few months on the great Jagjaguwar label and is a lovely dose of 80s tinged soul/pop. In fact, there are a few tracks where, if you didn’t know better, you would be forgiven for thinking they were from that time. And the lead track from the album that I have gone for is a good example of this. It’s a lovely track that makes the most of Carmen Elle’s voice and also the sax playing of Jason Shabason who played on the fantastic Destroyer album Kaputt, that I covered on this blog. (Shabason being one of the main men behind DIANA). It’s got that bass, percussion and reverb vocal that takes you straight back, but in truth there are some lovely touches that let you know it’s from the here and now.

It’s a great album, well worth checking out and for a great full review check out Pitchfork.

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