11 Mar

Dexter Wansel – The Sweetest Pain

dexterwanselI was pretty tired this morning, so when i clambered onto the train destined for work I decided to run through a reasonably low key and mellow playlist, and about 4-5 songs in, on came this:

Dexter Wansel – The Sweetest Pain

Now, as long as i've been into music i've always loved tracking down samples – it's not really crate digging but i do like to know where something comes from, and i stumbled across this by way of the massive vocal sample in Global Communications – The Way, which if you follow the blog will know is one of, if not, my favourite Deep House tracks ever.

It's particularly interesting for me, because normally when people dig out a sample the original becomes the definitive version or the it's so awful it never gets a second listen, but not in this case, with both tracks standing up to repeated listens, in fact if anything it proves how magnificent the production on The Way actually is.

But that's talking about the wrong track. The Sweetest Pain is straight up soulful disco, with a very chilled and relaxed backing track that's about as smooth as a pint of Guinness. The track is obviously focused around Terrie Wells who was working as a session singer at Philadelphia International Records. The lyrics are pretty cheesy but it's to be expected, and it is a nice track especially when the vocal hits the segment sampled by Global Communications (It's hard to miss).

Anyway, it was a nice, slow and pleasant start to the day –  but i'm not going to lie, the first thing i listened to after it was The Way 🙂


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