13 Jul

Destroyer – Downtown

First things first – It’s not a heavy metal band, it's a band led by the prolific Dan Bejar. I actually first came across his work via one of his many side projects Swan Lake, then a friend of mine put me onto his work as Destroyer and then I moved on to the ‘indie’ super group that is The New Pornographers. Honestly, all his work is worth checking out.

Now this is a belated post, a horrendous amount of work yesterday put paid to ay posting plans which was a real shame as I wanted to share this track. It’s from the absolutely superb and underrated album Kaputt from 2011. When the album came on in the morning as part of a random selection I was chuffed. But something strange happened as it some times does. While I had listened to the album many times, this track ‘Downtown’ had never really registered on me. I sat there thinking ‘my lord this is awesome, how have I not isolated this from the album.

If you don’t know Destroyer’s work, it is hard to pigeon hole but it is of the alternative, indie type with his Bowie like voice making it easy to identify him pretty quickly. But all of his output is of an exceptional standard: always interesting and often layered with superb lyrics, wit and superb delivery. The thing about Kaputt though is that it is a step in to 80’s sounding soul and electronica (New Order is even referenced in a track) so a bit of a step away from the historic sound of the band. But something like this shows an artist’s class as Bejar does it with ease, never drifting into 80s pastiche and the result is an absolutely superb album (one of my top picks of 2011). Simply superb.

‘Downtown’ is absolute class; effortless indie soul magic. Hope you like it and make sure to check out more of his stuff (the album ‘Destroyer’s Rubies’ is particularly recommended)


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