18 Jan

Depth Charge – Shaolin Buddha Finger

I have been off work quite a bit this week due to this rubbish flu thing going around. So to cheer myself up I am going to stick up something from way back that I’ve always loved.


Im actually astounded that I haven’t posted a track by Depth Charge before. I was a big fan of J Saul Kane’s work and have most of the stuff he released. I was also a big fan of the made in Hong Kong films etc that he played a key role in bringing to the uk – I even had a couple of chow yun fat t-shirts which looking back now its amazing that I ever managed to get a girlfriend. He dj’d at a couple of events too and was/is a really great bloke.


Anyway, as I mentioned in an old Renegade Soundwave post, like them he was way ahead of the curve. He got wrapped into the big beat stuff but was putting this kind of thing out way before. My mate pete who introduced me to Renegade Soundwave introduced me to depth Charge and shaolin buddha finger was the first thing I heard. It absolutely blew me away. It’s brilliant from start to finish but you have to stay with it till at least 1 minute 30 when it really goes up a gear and comes on like bomb the bass, assault on precinct 13 on steroids. Still sounds nuts and ace in equal measure. A true classic.

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