11 Dec

Depeche Mode – Everything Counts (live)

Just a quick one tonight, but possibly the best live version of a track in my humble opinion.

As I drove into my works car park, Everything Counts by Depeche Mode came on. I love the track and sat in my car till it finished. Decided there and then it was going up, but whenever I hear it I think of the live version they released from the 101 tour, circa 1988 (I think).

The track has such vivid memories for me, I was 15 and remember getting the train into London with my friends, from the suburbs, and picking up the live 101 12″ that they had just released and that carried the live version of this track.

I played it relentlessly at the time, but my love and appreciation for it hasn’t diminished over the years. As well as it being a great track, this live version is immense and what really makes it special is the crowd reaction. This was recorded at the Pasadena Rose bowl, a massive venue and when the crowd chant the chorus for the last two minutes it is just amazing.

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