03 Mar

Dego & Kaidi – Don’t Remain The Same

Growing up in London it was almost impossible to not hear the many different genres that were going around, everything cross cut and scenes like Drum and Bass sat right along side Hip Hop, Deep House and Broken Beat. You might not be massively into all of them but you almost always new who the key players in that genre were. A key player, or players, in that they cut right across all the genres is 4hero. So somehow i managed to completely not connect that Dego from today’s choice was in fact Dego from 4hero and Kaidi was in fact Kaidi Tatham the keyboardist that so often appeared on their tracks.

I was on the train listening to a new purchases playlist and on came Don't Remain the Same and as I sat listening and chose to blog it I thought, “blimey that really sounds like 4hero”…. DOH!

Dego & Kaidi – Don't Remain The Same

When Broken Beat hit,people were tired of 4/4 but loved the jazz influence emanating from Deep House, and likewise people loved the energy and timing of the D&B scene but the aggression and harsh tonality of it left people wanting a little more, uhm!, musician ship? So the combination really worked.

Don’t Remain the Same, is a fantastic throwback to that period, jazz bass, simple light skippy drums that drift from pattern to pattern, and alternate timings, a bass that flicks around never settling on the same variation too long but never drifting too far from the main groove. The whole thing sounds as live as dance music gets. Kaidi brings lovely mellow improvised keyboards and the track just grows till the almost spoken poetry like vocal switches the track around.

The Dego & Kaidi EP dropped on the wicked label Eglo (which i think is floating points label?), and is a lovely listen. With two legends of British music you would expect nothing less, and whilst the EP is great it does noodle in places Don't Remain the Same really is the stand out track.

On a Monday morning when the weather didn’t quite now what to do, it cut a sunny swathe through dark clouds and bitter cold wind.


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