25 Jan

Defender – Bliss

DefenderI've had a few days off and am going to take a freebie, and to save all the messing about i'm going to pick a track that i f*cking love. 

Defender – Bliss

If i'm honest I hadn't listened to this track for a while as I'd pretty much made my self sick of it, but i've been revisiting a lot of the "french" house tracks of late, Daft Punk – Musique, Le Knight Club… well pretty much everything on Vulture, Crydamour and Roule – which is obviously the labels that defined the sound in the late 90's/early 80's.

As most people know it was a bit of a chums collective, the Daft Punk guys owning Crydamour and Roule, Alan Braxe owning Vulture Music and obviously being a huge part of Stardust with Bangalter from Daft Punk – you see it all fits nicely together.

The thing i really liked about the whole Vulture sound was even though it was firmly rooted in the French sound it never sounded like anything else out at the time… even the simple loop stuff like Most Wanted (which we've featured before) and Intro, and Palladium sounded different, it didn't sound like another disco track just looped it had a feeling of instrumentation about it, and Bliss is probably the strongest example of it all..

It has a everything, a huge bass, amazing keys, a wicked little guitar played by Geraud Lafarge also known as Savage.

The track starts out very mellow, with a simple synth line and melody then after about 8 bars it slams in with an absolute synth pop disco 80's stomper… i really just don't know how to describe it other than it's lush and one of the best house tunes of the last decade. It was everywhere, Hed Kandi comp's deeper comp's, you walked into a semi-decent wine bar and you'd hear it, you'd be at a decent underground(ish) club and the dj would use it to send people into over drive..

It’s as cheesy as f*ck and I love it, and on top of that it reminds me of a very happy time in my life when i met my wife, i hope you enjoy it.

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