30 May

Deetron feat. Ben Westbeech – Rhythm

Friday night, Saturday Morning – it's all the same right? So better late than never, and I thought i'd quickly get up my pick for today.

I wasn't really in the mood for difficult decisions today so i left my Nexus on shuffle and just waited for whatever to happen… after drifting through some old pop and disco the list took me onto some deep house and then today's choice:

Deetron feat. Ben Westbeech – Rhythm (Original Mix)

It's a track i've sat on for a while, it came out last October if i recall correctly but it's a gem of  atrack seldom leaving my playlists…. it's got that old UK Garage style vocal over a driving arpeggiated instrumental… lot's of octave shifting on the Arp and a deep progressive chord set the track is just sublime. And the beat – it's got bags of movement and cuts right through the track with out ever overwhelming it. It's just a lovely piece of production that makes me somewhat jealous. 

Deetron if you don't know is Swiss DJ producer Sam Geiser, he's been around for a while and dropping tracks on labels like Belgiums Music Man , Chicagos StilLove4Music and even has an upcoming Fabric Mix which i've got to say i'm looking forward to.

Anyway, it's a short one form me i'm afraid but hopefully the quality of the track will speak for itself. 

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