24 Sep

Deejay Punc Roc – My Beatbox

So it's all about a bit of fun tonight and nostalgia. I have loaded up a load more music on a USB stick that I keep in my car and I was listening to some of it on the way to work this morning. On the stick is a folder of random old tracks and on came today's track, almost blowing the windows out of my car. 


My Beatbox by Deejay Punc Roc. 


This was one of a number of new electro tracks that came out during the big beat scene and this was a track that a) merged the two elements perfectly and b) used to get hammered in clubs.  The reason being; it is huge and makes people go absolutely bonkers. It's a simple track but that electro kick that comes in and takes your head of and the the chorus type part is beyond catchy with the vocoder vocal make it irresistible. When it came on I was a bit shocked how great it still sounded but it took me straight back to memories of jumping round like a loon. Started my day perfectly. 


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