30 Apr

Dee Patten – Who’s the Badman?





Simply put this tune is Rude. From the opening stabs, to the Jimmy Cliff sample repeating over and over the looped apache break and the heavy heavy bass line, this track is raw, simple, dark and full of energy. It's also a great example of why the UK dance music scene was so great in the early 90's.

Hard Hands really was a great label, owned by the legendary Leftfield, it was instrumental in raising their own profile and was also a forerunner in the constantly changing scene of the early 90's, where genres were not such an obligation and you could hear Italo and Chicago house alongside Detroit Techno and post rave Breakbeat – essentially if it fitted, it was in. As a label it brought  us many classic releases, Leftism, Rhythm and Stealth, Pressure Drop and "Who's the Badman?" for me is right up there with them, it is one of my, and I'm certain fourbearsjr's, favourite tunes ever.

To be honest I don't know much about Dee Patten, scouring Discogs there are only a few releases with Darren Macdonalds name on it, but let's face it it's not a bad release to be known for if you're only going to have a couple. If you're going to do it, do it properly I say, and this track really does. It's also no small coincidence that even though It's been remixed to death the original is still the outstanding and definitive version, never bettered I say.

It did the rounds on my Facebook friends this last weekend, which lead to it being plonked on my player and cropping up today, as soon as those immortal Stabs came through my ear buds there was only one way today was going.

It's a classic and rightly so: "Prepare to Assault!"


Playlist Monday 30th April 2012

It's a long weekend here in Paris, with a bank holiday tomorrow most people have skipped the journey to work to opt for an four day break. Meaning y journey was nice relaxed and quick today.

I started with some oldskool beats with Rhythm on the Loose – Break of Dawn, then De Patten – Who's the bad Man?, i then settled in and listened to the last The Wak totWork podcast (there should be a new one soon)

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