04 Apr

Debukas – Titanic





If the offerings of the last two days have been OLD, today’s is bang up to date. The Track is “Titanic” from the Debukas EP “Pleasure Pattern” which cam out in the past few weeks.

There is not a lot of info out there about Glasgows John Clarkes alter ego Debukas, but he’s been stirring up a storm over the last year or so, releasing the amazing “I am Machinery” on his own label (a sub imprint of 20:20 Vision Recordings I think) and getting a lot of support from such luminaries as Andy Weatherall*, 20:20 Vision**, Tenniswood and a whole host of other people.

So to the music, the EP (or Album?) itself is quite experimental, so don’t go into it expecting bog standard 4/4 dance floor shakers – although they are most definitely present, the tracks all have a certain amount of edge to them. The track I’ve plucked from the album, Titanic, is a great example of this. I’d imagine playing it in a club setting would clear the floor, yet other tracks on the album would most certainly tear a dance floor up.

He’s been compared to Thomas Dolby and Herbert, not least by his own label, and I can really see the comparison, his willingness to eschew the more obvious routes the material offers are nothing short of genius. The production is very polished but remains warm, and it’s nice to hear a modern slice of Electronica that isn’t  swamped in that digital emptiness even though it is heavy in glitches and clicks. I think the most modern comparison i could make is Akufen or Prefuse73. The track revolves around a slightly abstract melody structure and the thing I really like about this track is how lazy it feels. Everything is just off the very downtempo pace you’d expect of this time signature, and you’re constantly waiting for the groove to catch up with the beat and like most Debukas material it’s not until the vocal enters the fray that the track really ties together. The beat tightens up for the second half of the track and goes exactly where you want it to.

All in all it's a cracking little track from a stunning EP see what you think.


* if you haven't heard it yet track down weatheralls remix of Pablo – Stratus. Amazing

** Also worth checking is Debuka awesome podcast for 20:20 Vision Recordings: http://www.2020recordings.com/podcasts/74

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