05 Oct

Dayspired – Four by Seven

Sometimes there are tracks that just cut through all the noise. That can be for many reasons, sometimes that can be production, or vocals, sometimes just the sound of something can grab you and wrench you out that commuters dream state and into the fresh air.


Which leads me to Four By Seven by Dayspired


It's hard to describe Four By Seven. I guess Electronica, but it's certainly a track that covers a lot of bases. Modern Jazz, broken beat, down tempo, it could easily sit in a huge number of genres, but regardless of where it sits on the musical spectrum the key to it is it that it's a beautiful and peaceful piece of music.


Built around the wonderful sound of the Rhodes it has a very cyclic feel to it. As the backing track grinds and loops the Piano lends an almost improvised air the track and as it flows along you get the wispiest glances of a vocal drifting in and out of the mix.


If you check through Dayspired's soundcloud you'll find many other wonderful gems, not least the incredible Last Word on their All Whites on Clay EP – I very nearly blogged Last Word instead of Four by Seven. Even better they are available as pay what you want from their Bandcamp page.





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