08 May

David Joseph – You Cant Hide (Your Love From Me)

DavidJosephYouCan'tHide(YourLoveFromMe)1983APicture the scene. I'm 12 years old, checking my hair one last time in the mirror before heading to the soda disco at the Robin Hood pub (strictly under 15's business).

I'm dressed sharp and looking good (I think), Grey Blue Farrahs, Nike Waffles, Lyle & Scott jumper with Lacoste Polo shirt underneath. Bro's rocking the same trainers and Farrahs, but a nike windcheater instead of a jumper. Dad drops us off tells us to be outside at 10pm or else, and we schlep through the doors, not quite bold as brass but not so meek we look like we don't belong. Andy catch’s up with his freinds, i with mine and then proceed to go and hide in our respective corners of the room for the next two hours. Trying to pluck up the courage to chat to a girl without looking like a tool in front of your mates, whilst the dj runs his way through the current, and awful, top 40 for a good hour to an hour and a half.

All this action for the princely sum of a one pound coin

Money wasted you may think, but that last 30 minutes was an absolute musical education, it was a time when the DJ would actually play the music he really liked. New York Electro and Essex boy soul. It was a time when you'd hear things like SOS Band, Change, Jackie Graham, Sharon Redd and this humdinger of a track:

David Joseph – You Cant Hide (Your Love From Me)

From the filter swept opening synths to the detuned chords the track just oozes that early 80's electro sound that was so popular with the UK Soul Boys. With Josephs falsetto vocal driving the counter melody, and the layered bass and synths swinging the groove along so so nicely it was probably the only track where every single kid in the disco would actually have a crack at dancing.

Produced by the legendary Larry Levan this track was a monster. Still is actually, and if it could drag a bunch of pre-pubescent kids up out of their seats to awkwardly strut their stuff, I can only imagine the mayhem it caused at the Paradise Garage.

Absolute gold.


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