09 Aug

David Byrne – Make Believe Mambo

I had it all planned, a lovely track came on this morning and I thought, ah, that will do for tonight and then I got home, checked in to Facebook and there, on the talking heads timeline was a live version of Make Believe Mambo by David Byrne.


As Aapie, mentioned the other day, we have been doing this blog for quite a while now and every now and then something catches me out. When I heard the Byrne track and thought about putting it up it made me realise that in all this time I have only posted one talking heads/David Byrne track which, as any one who knows me well can attest to, is a bit surprising seeing as I absolutely love their/his work.


todays track comes from his first proper solo album, Rei Momo. I must have been about 16 when it came out and had worked my way through all of the talking heads back catalogue. This also blew me away. What amazes me is how well Byrne seems to fuse his style with other world music genre. He engaged with traditional Latin musicians and so the tracks have an authentic feel, particularly Make Believe Mambo. Everything about it is huge, the horn section, the percussion, the piano and when it comes back in after the piano break down, good lord, it knocks you sideways. An absolute belter of a track.

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