30 Jan

David August – On my Mind





No Walk to Work today as I decided to take the day off, so i've instead focused on a track I've been literally hammering all weekend in David Augusts – On My Mind.

It is straight up Electro Boogie funk. With a thumping Kick Snare 4/4 beat under a heavy synth bass and lush pads it takes a little while to really go anywhere, with a long build up you think “it's never going to happen”. Then around 1.40 the filter drops out, the bass and drums drops in, and if you're anything like me you'll be dancing around the living room like a teenager by the end of the first bar .

August has done quite a lot lately, diynamic is a very prolific label in itself, on which he's also released the huge Peace Of Conscience EP which contains the amazing "Hamburg is for Lovers" and has also be prominent in his remix work, my favourite of which is his dreamy rework of DJ T "Leaving Me Feat Khan" – if you can track it down do so. Whilst the orginal is a great soulful house track Augusts remix is simply put amazing.

Anyway, essentially I've spent most of the weekend in the studio working on a guest mix for the Slo-mo radio show. The mix is all pitched down sub 110bpm house and away from that I needed something quite energetic to counterpoint it, this suited the cause well.

It dropped in December on Diynamic but I only stumbled onto it last week on a music splurge, and out of the 20 or so tracks i bought I've been going back to this at the expense of everything else I bought. Grab it if you can.


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