10 Jul

Danny Scrilla – Free Flight (feat Om Unit)

It's been, a hell of a week and i'm very much looking forward to the weekend. With everything running at 100 mph I've not had much time to change the music on my Nexus or delve into anything outside of my commute – which is fine, because on my phone is the new Danny Scrilla EP from Cosmic Bridge Records and it's been frequently popping up as I undertake my daily slog to the office.

Cosmic Bridge is the label fronted and curated by Om Unit, whom we've featured a bunch of times on this blog. The label covers mainly the UK style bass genre taking slow-mo, Dub Step and of course D. CBR011, the True Sight EP, is an EP of German Electronica producer Dany Scrilla's material.

Very dub-centric, the EP has a nice throwback feel to it, seemingly rooted in Chicago House and the late UK Rave feel to it. That's not to say it's a set of retro tracks, but there is certainly an air of energy about the music that nods it's head in that direction… slowly evolving pads, pitched vocals, hard snappy snares the constantly changing percussion and bass lends a gentle rhythmic feel to the side chaining.

The stand out track for me is Free Flight, a Bukem-esq breakneck D&B track that is borderline tech-house in it's soundscape, but all the tracks stand up to further listen.

check it:

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