15 Nov

Danny & The Champions Of The World – (Never Stop Building) That Old Space Rocket

Something a little different tonight but honestly, i think this song is impossible to dislike. Since a good friend of mine (John) came to stay in Malta over the summer and played me this track, i have been hammering it on and off on the way to work. So if anyone sees me screaming like a maniac in my car on the roads of Malta, its probably because i am playing this track.


I honestly can't remember if i have mentioned that i do like a bit of country and was (and still am) into what was known as Americana or Alt Country. I loved bands like The Jayhawks and Uncle Tupelo etc. Around that time there were many bands, some from England, who tried their hand at that type of music and on the whole were not always great. But there was one English band in particular who were – Grand Drive. The core of the band were Danny and Julian Wilson. They released some great stuff, in particular the tremendous Tell It Like It Is. I saw them at a really small bar in Chelmsford and they were brilliant (this was back in 1997). But i lost track of them and then they broke up. I knew that one of them, Danny, had formed a band but for one reason or another i never got round to checking them out.


Then up rocks my mate John and plays me this beauty. It is start to finish brilliant. Beautiful melody, great classic country rock pace, like something The Band would knock out, great handclaps, great vocals, Lapsteel (a particular favourite of mine) and great lyrics that you cant help getting a bit emotional too. Absolutely beautiful stuff that can only make you smile inside a little bit more.

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