24 Jul

dan le sac VS scroobius pip – Thou Shalt always Kill

If you follow me on Twitter then it shouldn't be any surprise to you that todays track is:

Dan le Sac VS Scroobius Pip – Thou Shalt always Kill

Yesterday I saw a small video advert for the forthcoming DLS vs Scroobius Pip single Stunner and it reminded me I hadn’t listened to their stuff for a while. So this morning I loaded up the two albums Angles and the Logic of Chance and was promptly blown away with how brilliant they still sound.

Still as great as they are the stand out track for me is still, Thou Shalt always Kill. I honestly think it's one of the great UK Hip Hop tracks of the last decade. DLS beats are cleverly put together, faster than your usually expecting with an MC means he sometimes wrongly gets lumped in with the electronic EDM crowd of production but if you listen there are endless headnods to classic Hip Hop producers, in things like his drum sounds, drum patterns and styles of chopping, and when you couple that with Pip's clever vocal delivery and rhyme content it makes for a fun and thought provoking listen.

Now the thing I really like about Scroobius Pips lyrics is how intelligently put together they are. Obviously the subject matter is a little more cerebral than your usual MC fodder but there are times like in "Thou shalt always Kill" where it might well be a spoken word recital (Pip is also quite an accomplished spoken word artist), then you'll hear the punchline in the lyrics and your mind will back track to the rhyme word.

Anyway, the basic premise of Thou Shalt always kill is things you should and shouldn't do. It's a machine gun fire delivery of witty observations, put downs, and fan boy head nods. Its not a joke track in anyway but it really is one of those tracks where you're giggling as much as nodding your head to it.

Thankfully the video to the track is also hilariously good and well worth watching, and there is also a remix of the track and video featuring De La Souls Plug One himself Pos. The video again is hilarious, and the lyrics in some ways are even funnier you can check it here.

Anyway, it's a great track, has been around 4-5 years now but still sounds as fresh as the first day i heard it.

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