25 Oct

Dan Deacon – True Thrush

Sometimes I like stuff that, sonically, just gives me a big smack in the face and Dan Deacon’s work certainly does that. Today’s track won’t be to everyone’s taste but give it a go and stick with it as, the more you listen to it, the more it gives back.

Dan Deacon, is from Baltimore and is a composer/electronic musician. I first came across his work via his Spiderman Of The Rings album (2007), particularly the track ‘Crystal Cat’ which I really loved. But it his latest album – America – that has really got me into him. Apparently (to quote his biography on wikipedia and also his own website) it is an output for his conflicted feeling for his country and his love for traveling across it. It is a great example of his composer and electronic qualities. Sonically it can take face off if you push that volume nob too far up, but there is something mesmerising about the wall of sound he creates, the electronics he uses and his songwriting. But what is really great on this album is the way he integrates this with some beautiful composing. The second half of the album is made up of  4 tracks all prefixed USA. They are part of 1 big piece but have been broken into separate tracks which I think is great. They are simply phenomenal, the strings and sonics are just amazing as he smashes up electronic and electro beats and bleeps to great affect but brings in beautiful orchestral moments.

The track I have gone for, ‘True Thrush’ is one of the more accessible tracks, but again, sonically it is fantastic, a great song, with chopped up melodies and harmonies. Plus the video is great too. It really is a fantastic album, well worth checking out and taking your time with. Also, if you can catch some of his live clips on youtube, they are well worth it.

Image from Dan Deacons website

Please stick with the video past the advert 🙂


Playlist Thursday 25th October 2012

This morning I had to head across to Manchester, it was dark and pretty grim and I was heading to a work event, with many people in suits (but not me – felt exceptionally visible) which always puts me in an odd mood. This is probably why I was drawn to listening to something a bit out there, but also because I have been getting more and more into the latest Dan Deacon album. But first I listened to the Baths album from 2010 Cerulean, which is a nice glitch hip hop, electronic album in the vein of flying lotus but with more song structures. It’s an album I have had for a while but sadly just got round to listening to. I did think about posting something from that, but in the end I had to go for Mr Deacon. I listened to the album twice, swamped in the cacophony through my headphones, as I (along with a mass of people) made it to the event. But thanks to Dan, I was on my own. These two albums were my playlist.

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