25 Sep

Daisuke Tanabe – Chugger

A very quick one tonight as sleep is still at a premium in my house so I am heading off to bed.

My journey into work was hurried this morning, didn’t think too much about music as I jumped into the car, so on went the radio. Just over halfway to work I came to my senses and decided to switch to my nexus phone to check out some new stuff I recently picked up having not bought anything in quite a while.

The player took me straight to the latest album from Japanese producer Daisuke Tanabe. It’s his second album and the first of his stuff i have come across, stumbling upon it via the always excellent Bleep.com.

Chugger is a gorgeous piece of, electronic, glitch-hop with D&B flourishes. Melodic, organic and pretty darn funky too, particularly when he changes the beat up about 2/3s of the way through. When this stuff is done right it’s tremendous and it does remind me of another Japanese producer Yosi Horikawa, who we have featured a few times and also (perhaps a bit obviously) Prefuse 73.

Lovely stuff and an album well worth checking out.

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