29 Apr

Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Vanderway Remix)

vanderwayIt's been almost impossible to ignore the incredible amount of hype surrounding the upcoming Daft Punk album. Teasers on TV and at Coachella before the first single dropped last week kept interest high and built everything into a mass frenzy. 100's and i mean 100's or fake versions, re-edits of the 15 second snippet etc… popped up everywhere, and some of them were good, and this is what i think is the best of the lot:

Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Vanderway Remix)

It's been up on Soundcloud for a while, obviously using one of the TV snippets as it's remix base it's been hammered, 500,000 listens, and as a free download i'd imagine it's been grabbed an equal amount of times.

What can I say about the track, it could quite easily stand on it's own without the remix tag. The opening guitar is chopped up in a Todd Edwards way and the track just floats along with dreamy vocals coming in and giving it a Chillwave/Balearic feel. Funnily as a track pushed as Daft Punk remix/re-edit it almost entirely eschews the Daft Punk sample using it really cleverly to just add some tempo where it's needed and segue from one point to the next.. i guess essentially they've just built everything around the Rodgers flecked melody. In fact it reminds me a hell of a lot of Mojo – Lady in how it just builds a bigger track out of a smaller sample. the build is lovely, and the bass and piano just take you places you really really want to go but didn't realise till now..then the daft punk vocoder drops and everything flips out for a crazy few seconds…. all in all it's just a lovely lovely track. 

Anyway I know absolutely sod all about Vanderway, or the larger L'ordre Collectif other than they are french and from the Tolouse area (I think), and there is little info of substance on their Soundcloud or Facebook pages or this track (is it a remix, an edit, a mashup what?) but using this track as an introduction I have to say the L'ordre Collectif soundcloud is an absolute gold mine of catchy french pop-house and well worth book marking, with Vanderways – Early being another good jumping on point.. 

I grabbed it a little while ago but just hadn't really had a chance to revisit it, but someone posted it in my facebook feed yesterday and i decided to load up my MP3 player last night. When this hit as first track on my journey i just kept rewinding it, Monday can be a difficult day but not when it kicks off in such a feel good manner as this:

Playlist Monday 29th April 2013

No, your eyes do not deceive you, this is a return to form with a playlist from my journey today.

I woke up sore from having played rugby for the first time in two years at the weekend (old boys game), and needed music that would ease me in nice and slowly. Thankfully i'd loaded up last night and things kicked off with the aboce mentioned track. I then listened to Phoenix – If I ever feel better (partly due to listening to the new album last week). I then let shuffle do it's stuff and copped another track i'd grabbed form the L'ordre Collectif Soundcloud the utterly huge Else – Ariane – more french disco filtered house with some glitching and  justice style bass onslaughts. After a few rewinds I decided to get some disco house in the journey so dialled in some Metro Area and checked out my favourite ever track by them Caught Up. Shuffle worked again and another L'ordre track in the lovely Vanderway – Early had me tapping my fingers on my book. That took me nearly all the way into Paris and very nearly became the track for today’s blog. Jumping off the train and heading for the RER I went back to the track of choice for today. A short and simple playlist to be fair but sometimes certain tracks just get stuck in your head and you have to get it out.

Playlist: Daft Punk – Get Lucky (Vanderway Remix), Phoenix – If I ever Feel better, Else – Ariane, Metro Area – Caught Up, Vanderway – Early

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