28 Sep

Daedelus – Dumbfound (edIT Remix)

I decided to grab a freebie today as I've mainly been listening to the Tempo Clash podcast featuring Danny Breaks for the last few days, and having already blogged it elsewhere i didn't want to repeat myself and decided to opt for what is for me one of the defining tracks within the Gllitch Hop scene

And what a tune it is, Daedelus – Dumbfound (edIT Remix)

It's quite a statement to call a track a defining moment but along with Prefuse 73's Storm Returns and 7th Message it was one of the first tracks that really opened my eyes to how melodic and soulful the whole glitch genre could be.

ediTs stuff has always been interesting, "Certified Air Raid Material" is in my eyes a real gem and "Crying over Pros for no reason" is an altime classic, but for me this might just be his strongest work. Taking and chopping the absolute f*ck out of Daedelus's track he stamps some real authority on it.

When i first heard this track i'd been following ediT pretty closely by way of my friend Mr Trick who was then presenting the Rhythm Incursions radio show, he'd been contributing some insane glitched up remixes of tracks like busta rhmyes and 50 cents. Anyway I recall getting an e-mail saying not much more than "Listen" with the MP3 attached, and by the time i'd got half way through the track i'd replied begging to know what it was.

It became a real go to record for me, one that allowed me to jump from electronica to hip hop or from hip hop to more bassy stuff, it's was invaluable, and still to this day makes my jaw drop with it's sheer magnitude.

so, on that note i'll say bon weekend and enjoy,


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