10 Jun

Dabeull – BlueCar (Feat Holybrune)

Two days posting on the trot for me, must be some kind of record, but i was listening to today's choice and wanted to blog it, and well…. it's my website so i'll do what i want.

Dabeull – BlueCar (Feat Holybrune)

I don't know much about Dabeull, other than he/they(?) are from Paris, but i stumbled upon it when I got sent the track by a friend my wife works with, as they know i've got a penchant for tropical disco.

It is exactly what it says on the tin, that typical french disco house sound – think Ktisune and Le Marquis and artists like that, the soft but snappy drums, the melodies, the lashings of reverb… it's all there, and it's wonderful. Especially post switch up at around 2mins 30 in. The vocal by Holybrune is lush and works really well, the track is clearly written with the vocal rather than the vocal added post – which is something you hear a lot of lately.

Anyway the whole track is just relaxing, beach music. Which is perfect for the current heat blasting Paris right now.

it's also free, which is great news in my book.It's also worth having a flick through as there is some awesome 80's tinged stuff in there.

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