05 Mar

Da Autopsy – Tear tha f*ckin’ club up

Simple is sometimes best and that goes equally for music production. Looking at club music what are the essentials, a concussion inducing kick drum? A catchy vocal or melodic hook? There isn’t much else to it really, yeah of course it can be as complicated as you want it to be. I don’t think it’s not an understatement to say the most simple things can have a way bigger impact on the dance floor than the most complex of production techniques. Probably more than any other style of music it’s all about the moment the connection.

Today’s track, I think, encapsulates that perfectly:

Da Autopsy – Tear tha f*ckin’ club up

Now as i said this track is simple, but effective. It starts out with a bowling strike kick drum. 16 bars of it and nothing else – it’s a DJ’s dream, a massive drop and then proto-rave stabs sampled and chopped. That all sounds great but the real payoff is when the insane thug life vocal drops in and the beat hits. It’s essentially one line, looped, and looped and looped and pitch shifted up and back down for a good 6-7 (?) minutes.

It’s simple(that word again) and effective and completely destroys dance floors.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not just a local loop and kick drum for 8 minutes, there’s progression and the beat switches up in that Blatimore house chopped "Think" break way, but essentially the core of the track is straight up Ghetto House. One phrase repeated over an insane drum beat.

Turn it up

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