11 Feb

D.I.T.C – Day One

Been a hectic few days and just had no time to post, so this morning I set out on my trip to work with one goal in mind to listen to some music. I decided it was time I rediscovered some hip hop and reloaded my Nexus with some classic beats and about three tracks the amazing D.I.T.C hit my ears:

D.I.T.C – Day One

If you know hip hop you know D.I.T.C if not then you need to find out about them because it's essentially one of the greatest hip hop crews to ever walk the earth. A super group that wasn't a super group until the group split (if that makes sense) it consisted of eight of the greatest rappers and hip hop producers the world of hip hop has ever seen.

One of my favourite tracks by D.I.T.C was always Day One, the 1997 track from their debut album, produced by Diamond D and featuring verses by Diamond D, Big L, A.G, Lord Finesse and O.C.

The thing i love about there style is how laid back their voices are, they are so relaxed when rapping you can almost feel them reclining in their chair, it's also nice to hear hip hop with very minimal swearing., all over a massive sample of "Oliver Sain's – On the Hill".


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