02 Sep

D-Pulse – Keep On Running

We'll back from Holiday and knee deep in a ton of work that i have little interest in means life is back to normal. I hope you all had a great summer and are all set for back to school.

I reckon, like me, you'll need some stunningly great music to ease you back in over the next few days, and luckily I can oblige. I'm going to start the new term off with a track I've literally been waiting 5-6 months to come out:

D-Pulse – Keep On Running

I first heard this back in February on the Lovebirds podcast for the Melbourne Deepcast guys, where it was the opening track of Sebastian Doeings mix, it's been stuck in my head ever since a genuine earworm. Now 6 months later it's finally been released, on Vinyl first, with Beatport carrying it as an exclusive for most of September.

The track is very hard to both describe and categorise so i'm honestly not going to bother trying, it's just a great track that I have literally been blasting since i picked it up. The best i can offer is it's kind of trancey loopy deep mid-tempo house. Lots of detuned synths and analog style underlays – plus a dreamy female vocal backed up with a vocodered voice that drives the track along

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