26 Feb

Crystal Bats – Falling In Love (SirAiva Remix)

It's been lashing it down with rain the last few days so you can imagine my ecstasy as i awoke to my three year old son gleefully jumping on my head and the effulgent sun sweeping in through the now open curtains. There are worse ways to wake up though, and as i schlepped my way to the station for my routine odyssey i decided that such glorious weather called for some tropical-esq 80s tinged glitz. Thankfully i've got a ready made playlist for just such an occasion and dialed it in and eased into my stride… as i hit the platform the reverb laden vocals of SirAivas Crystal Bats remix washed through my head and i decided today was the day to nail this beauty to the front page of the blog.

Crystal Bats – Falling In Love (SirAiva Remix)

Now, as you'll know, Fourbearsjr and I love nothing more than a bit of 80's synth pop. we're both massive suckers for melody, especially if it's got a slight tinge of melancholy to it, and Falling in Love falls firmly in that category. 

I don’t know much about Crystal Bats other than their tongue in cheek 80's warbling has been getting some attention form the likes of Noisey and a ton of other blogs. The music is very much influenced by bands such as Phoenix in sound and classic Stock, Aitken and Waterman productions in tone (check those lyrics). It's fun, not overly cheesy and consistent. But i've got to say it's when the remixes start rolling in the tracks really seem to take some real shape, and along with the SirAiva remix you should also check out the Louis La Roche remix, which is also a catchy take on the boys wham-esq warbling

If i'm honest the original is actually a bit tepid really, but Portugals SirAiva really takes the track and spins it into a tropical nu-disco stormer. Loads of building filtered synth lines, a deep choppy bass and FM bells plucking out some alluring melodies. The vocal chopping brings a strange but catchy counter to the main chorus and all in all it's just a belting track… and FREE!!!

I first heard SirAiva  last year courtesy of the uttelry fantastic and uber catchy Everybody EP, which if you like todays pick you should grab.

So break out those Lacoste tennis shorts, the deck shoes and fredd perry tracky top and enjoy,

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