18 Sep

Crate Diggers – Cut Chemist’s Vinyl Collection (Video)

ah, strange day. strange in that as i was about to walk out the door for work my wife fell ill and i ended up staying at home to look after her and my little boy. Which means i had no walk to work, or even any real listening time, so i was stuck for something to blog for you all today until this landed in my inbox. 

It's essentially an interview done for Fuse music blog with the legendary producer Cut Chemist, talking about his love for vinyl and record collecting.

The Video is part of a series fuse have been running for  awhile now, in the past they've featured Jazzy Jeff, Pete Rock, Da Beatminerz and a ton of other crate digging obsessives – all of these videos are excellent and you should check them out if you enjoy this particular video.

Chemist is obviously most well known for his work with J5 but he's one of the most revered music collectors out there and the video is a great little insight into the mans obsession with vinyl. I'll keep it short and sweet because it's a nice little watch and i don't really have much else to say on it.

other than enjoy, of course

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