16 Feb

Craig Smith – Love, Hate & Everything Inbetween

Didn’t get much time to blog last week, we’ve both been busy and this blog is strictly a labour of love so occasionally we let posts slip. I was adamant to get something up today though and loaded up my Nexus at the weekend with a bunch of music that I’d bought but never really had time to listen to outside of DJ’ing, it was also a pretty relaxed journey in for me today traveling outside the rush hour really changes how much you can enjoy the luxury of sitting back zoning out and watching the landscapes drift by.

Sound tracking the vast majority of my journey in today was the brilliant new Craig Smith LP:

Craig Smith – Love, Hate & Everything Inbetween.

Obviously it’s difficult to blog about an album the way we do it, as we always try to pick out tracks, but it’s really impossible to separate them out. The album is deeply rooted in soul and deep house, but it’s far more of a listen than a dance floor filler. Much much darker than the 6thBorough Project material it's also far more emotive and feels much more personal than the 6th Borough stuff. It’s built on dark strings and big square wav bass lines and bright sparkling FM bells with lashings of spoken word sound bites floating around the down points in the track.

The stand out tracks for me are Holding on & Letting Go and Forever but like i said the whole  album works so well as a journey it’s very hard to separate it out. The digital copy comes with the Frederick remix of Forever, it's available as a digital or physical release, you can still get limited edition CD’s from the Roar Groove Bandcamp page.

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