01 Oct

Cosmic Belt – Do you feel alright

It was a strange post to write today, in that i can find absolutely nothing about my chosen track on line – couple of youtube moments that tell me not much, the webpage of the label "Glideslope Music" is little more than a holding page whilst it undergoes re-construction. Which surprises me as it's a truly cracking little track, and dicsogs and soundcloud yeild little more – infact I can't even find the release of the track on Discogs which astound me…. but anyway, without getting too off track the..erm…track i have chosen is:

Cosmic Belt – Do you feel alright.

So lets talk about the track. It's a lovely 80's tinged soulful deep house groover, that both i and Fourbearsjr have long held a soft spot for, it's has a heavy beat that could be lifted from any 80's electro soul record and a electronic bassline that just makes you want to start body popping, vocal chops bring the soul along with chorused pads and fm bell style synth melodies. But the thing i really like in this track is the switch up around 3.40, where the holding pattern you've been placed in gives way to unadulterated Funk. It's one of those moments that when you know it's coming makes you want to whirl your arm and do an elvis style leg kick kung fu arm punch on the one (and i do every single time)

I picked it up a few years ago, I'm pretty sure back in 2007/2008, and it seems to have had a few re-incarnations since – with remixes, a vocal and a newer dubbed out version on the Glideslope Soundcloud page: http://soundcloud.com/glideslope-music

and on that note… enjoy.

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