12 Nov

Conti – thank u

Just a quick one tonight as quite frankly I am shattered. Our little one has been keeping us up through the night and it's taking its toll. But I really wanted to share this track as it's a beauty and I have had it on loop for some time. 

Thank u by Conti

We have featured Conti's work before (See Gabriel Conti in previous posts) and also some of the great music he put out on his label when it was running. I am a really big fan of his work. His stuff always comes with great mood and atmosphere. Today's track is a really beautiful piece of slo-mo deep house. I love the way it builds for the first 2 minutes with effects, that kick, synth bass and vocals. Then at 2 minutes it really comes together and takes off underpinned by a simple but beautiful bass line, building synths and additional percussion. Fantastic stuff as always from the man from Buenos Aires. 

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