Are you going to send us some music?

Great! But please take a moment to make yourself familiar with our requirements.

To be featured on this blog:


  • There must be a public stream we can feature in the post – Soundcloud is best as it feeds other aggregation services, next in line is Bandcamp and finally Youtube.
  • no public stream no feature (no exceptions)
  • There must be a private download link for us to use, we promise not to make this public, but if we can't download and listen on the go we'll struggle to feature it. 


Finally, before you hit send, ask yourself is the music really right for The Walk to Work?  We get a lot of music sent to us that clearly doesn't fit in with what we feature so stop, think read some posts and then re-ask yourself does it honestly fit with what we've featured before?


If it does and you're sending us tracks for consideration then thank you. We love music but be aware we get a lot (I mean loads) and while we listen to as much as possible but we can't always reply to everyone or feature everything we get sent.

If all of the above sounds good, or you just need to speak to us then fire away. 


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