01 Feb

Company Flow – End to End Burners

company-flow-feature-1-7.4.2011In amongst the disco and house I've been listening to a lot of hip hop this week. I'm always drawn back to it as it was my first real introduction to music. In that it was the first real genre i identfied with, looked into and went and made my own – as most teenagers do.

I should really post more of it.

Now as i've said a few times i like a certain type of hip hop, and in Company Flow – End to End Burners I think i've chosen a track that encapsulates everything i like about the genre all in one track. I don't just mean the rapping, or the beat, i mean the DJ'ing and the feel to it, and with the video the breaking and the graffitti. End to End Burners" for me is a perfect example of the whole New York indie sound that was so very popular in the 90's and early 00's. We're talking post golden age, when things had gone back underground and labels like Rawkus and such were just starting to blow up again.

Company Flow are to put it mildly legendary. El-P has become one of the most revered producers within hip hop and electronica, and Mr Len and Big Juss are not too far behind him in the respect they respect.

The track is driven by a lazy funk sample that Juss and El-P's flows along with the chorus line so perfectly compliment, the cuts from Mr Len – using Run DMC's runs house are superb (*Ed: actually it’s Beats to the Rhymes by Run DMC), simple yet energetic and a great example of why you don' need to be a DMC class tablist to provide great cuts, and in all the track is probably my favourite moment from their short but fantastic career.

I decided to post the video which i found on youtube, mainly because the video is perfect in a real hip hop sense, dirty and grimy, and shot on the New York Transit system, the overlayed tag that runs through the video is a great little touch and the little flurries of breakers and shots of Len cutting just ramp up the energy.


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