28 May

Coma – T.E.D.


It was raining when i went to work today, but i had a new cd to stick on for the drive so it made things better. Saying that, I knew the album i was going to be playing as i had played it through quite a few times on Spotify and then finally picked it up on cd (i am getting back into buying cds of stuff i really like, to have the physical product rather than just a download).


The album is Technicolor, the debut of Cologne based Coma. Released on the always tremendous Kompakt label, i have to be honest that this album is the first thing i’d heard by them (they had two earlier EPs on Kompakt). While the album is grounded in house and techno there are pop elements running all the way through it and other styles pulled in to create quite an eclectic and creative piece of work.

I actually only got through the first half of the album on the way to work, but a little way out i skipped to the last track, which is the one i have chosen to post – T.E.D. In situ on the album, this track really stands out as, prior to it, the mood is taken down, so when the lovely melodies and synths of the track come in, they seem even more gorgeous. The other thing is, while i am not very knowledgeable when it comes to music production, the production on this album and this track particularly sounds immense. I had the stereo in the car way up and it didn’t distort it just sounded amazing, particularly on the couple of points where the track drops back in. While the track is 4/4 they use a gorgeous kick and snare that sound (and maybe are) live and when it kicks back in at 3.25…forget about it. Check it out and the album too at the Kompakt site http://www.kompakt.fm/releases/in_technicolor . Immense stuff.


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