08 Jan

Com Truise – Glawio






Being a child of the 80's cheap straight to VHS films obviously played a massive part in my growing up. Tagging along for the ride with that delightful obsession, I developed a love of all those tacky synthesised soundtracks.

Which is why I'm a big fan of the Com Truise material.

Not that his stuff is tacky. There really isn't much to say, drum machines, arp'd lead synths and amazing filtered chords and stabs, it's real smile from ear to ear stuff, and I'm firmly of the opinion that whilst I liked the soundtrack to the movie "Drive" that's kicked off everyones new obsession with 80's soundtracks, if they'd had any sense they'd have got this man Com Truise on the mission.

The track I've gone for is Glawio as I think it's the stand out track on his Galactic Melt album, which was one of my favourite albums from last year, and because the melodies are amazingly lush.

*photo from:The Concerted Effort Blog

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