24 Jun

Com Truise – Alfa Beach

One of the first tracks I ever featured on the Walk to Work was by Com Truise he's an artist i've long followed and amassed as much of his music as possible. It's material i always go back to and always blows me away.

Now I've been on holiday for a week with my family so my listening has been severely hampered by not wishing to force my musical preferences onto my wife and child, but on those rare occasions I managed to get away for a couple of hours on my own i donned my headphones and schlepped around Vienna in the wonderful 40c heat utilising and I revisited some old albums whilst doing so, one of which was last years "In Decay" by Com Truise.

Now i could have selected any of a number of tracks it's such a great listen but the one track that really fitted and got a huge amount of rewinds was Alfa Beach.

I don't know if it's the low slung Peter Hook style bass line, the 80's movie detuned synths or the small melodic strings stabs that do it for me but as with all of his music the melodies hit you first and foremost and never let go. It's a track that conjurs powerful images from a movie that's never been made. A movie thats firmly embedded in my head and will (probably) never see the light of day, but hey that's what an imagination is for.

It came out on the amazingly good Ghostly International records last year, around July I think and was rightfully adored by many people.

I'll leave you there as it's the end of a long 14 hour drive and i'm truly f*cked, but things should be back to normal around here for the foreseeable future, but before i leave i’ll mention he’s touring Europe over July.

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