18 Jul

Cofaxx – Truu

Managed to take a step back and make some time this weekend to listen to and download some new (and old) music. Granted, downloading in this day and age may seem a little dated but I like having my music to hand and I also like to listen to more than just the radio in the car.


First up was the new Avalanches LP Wildflower, and as much as I love it, it's not something I need to write about on here, so instead I'm going for something else i grabbed over the weekend and that's the grinding electronic funk of Truu by Cofaxx.


Don't know much about Cofaax, he's from New York is the alias for Joe Magee and actually only stumbled onto this by way of the Nous Disques White LP. Truu, like most music we feature, is all about the groove. Lazy, swinging, locked in and strangely soulful a slow-paced grind the beat carries stabs and synth melodies that seldom changes but as mentioned this is all about the funk and the way Cofaxxx switches up the beat underneath everything is super. Simple yes, but devastating.


Truu has a real late night jam feel about it, similar in many wys to Glasgow Underground and the whole Swag sound that was my go to in the 90's.


It's great, enjoy!


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