16 Oct

COEO – Flesh World

Berlin-based Toy Tonics have been making a fair name for themselves of late, and I recently picked up the wonderful Flesh World EP by COEO from their Bandcamp page, deep sultry thick sweaty house….mmmmmmm! sweaty.


I do love looping tracks, and Flesh World the main track is a mesmerising zoned out groove, reminiscent of the early DJ Sneak,  and the other 83 west Records crew. By that I mean it's just a constant loop, with subtle tweaks all the way through and a constantly mutating and tweaking stab that brings life to the track midway through just when you need it. When the 6 minutes is up you're left feeling it's nowhere near enough and head for the rewind, it's a great piece of sample selection and wonderful understated production. 


Like I said I picked it up on Toy Tonics Soundcloud, it came out back in September but I only grabbed the EP recently, but it's available in pretty much all the outlets you'd expect.


Great stuff…and slide.



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