29 May

Clockwork Voodoo Freaks – Deaf Mick’s Throwdown





“Do you like sc, sc, sc, scratching, scratching, scratching…what, what is it….” Well yes I do actually…and honestly, who doesn’t like a hip hop cut up. In fact I don’t trust anybody who doesn’t

Back circa 1998 and 2000, around the same time big beat (as it was known) was erm, big and then maybe dropping off and I was playing out a lot, there was a resurgence in hip hop, particularly DJ led stuff and stuff with old school at its core such as Jurassic 5. I remember picking up quite a few tracks on 12 and also coming across the revenge of the DJ comps that showcased tracks by djs. But one that blew me a way at the time was the Seaside Capers EP that contained the Clockwork Voodoo Freaks track ‘Deaf Mick’s Throwdown’. If I am honest I can’t member anything else on the 12, I don’t think that I ever got past this track. Eventually it ended up on comps by Andy Smith and Norman Cooke and on the Revenge of the B-Boy comp, so I guess it became well known, but that doesn’t lessen how good it is.

Whenever I hear it, it always makes me smile. It uses the break from Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s ‘Super Rappin’ which is a great rack in itself, but then it contains some superb samples and scratching. Not overly complicated, but it is put together superbly. Anyone can have a stab at this sort of thing but it is exceptionally difficult to do it well and this is pure class. Once it drops in properly at 33 seconds there is no turning back.

I have absolutely no idea who is behind it and I couldn’t really find many images (Am sure Aapie maybe knows as this is his area of expertise). It is a stormer, a perfect summer tune. You can get it on Amazon – I would and then play spot the sample.


Playlist Tuesday 29th May 2012

I had to head down to London this morning and I was knackered – Late to bed and early up as my son woke at just gone 5…ouch. On the train I had a load of work to do so neglected my music. Once off the train and on the underground, in went the headphones. First up was the deep house of Cobblestone Jazz’s ‘Across the Nation, which at 12 minutes plus took up most of my journey. From there it was on to the above tack and then past bands I have posted about before: Elephant & Castle, White Denim and S_P_A_C_E_S from the Filtered comp. But the track that took me to works door was ‘Argonaut by the awesome Floating Points. Great track to end on.

Playlist: Cobbletsone Jazz – Across The Nation, Clockwork Voodoo Freaks – Deaf Mick’s Throwdown, Elephant & Castle – Altered Scones, White Denim – Anvil Everything, S_P_A_C_E_S – Apologies, Floating Points – Argonaut.


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