06 Dec

Climbers – Equal Responsibility (Betoko Remix)

I guess the holy grail for most producers is to make a track that can cross over without compromising itself or losing sight of the producers original vision, and personally I really like it when genres collide head on. Wait, wait, I'm not talking about Mashups, though they have their moments for certain, but when you hear a track and it encompasses lots of production values that aren't normally located in the tracks you like, and I think this is one of those tracks: 

Climbers – Equal Responsibility (Betoko Remix)

Now Equal Responsibility was a moderate deep house hit for the Climbers lads. Out last summer on Get Physical it's now resurfaced as a remix package – of which the choice one for me is the Betoko one. The remix in itself takes a few elements from the original – such as the Vocal and adds them to a massive trance flecked peaktime nu-disco stomper, is that enough genres for you, and i guess that's where my genres colliding thoughts come from.

It takes a while to get going but the money shot moment for me comes around the 2.50 mark where the chord progression just starts the build only for the vocal to kick in the track switches up another level and the combination of the vocal chords and arp bassline and lead synth just oozes euphoria. It reminds me of a simpler time in House music when there were less genres, boundaries and you could juts listen to whatever got the dancefloor going – be that a jacking Chicago house track, a Goa trance style moonparty builder or a NJ garage track with vocals stomping all over it – and I'm really glad that due to the massive resurgence in 90's production styles there is far more of that cross over appeal in the music doing the rounds of late.

I grabbed it off beat port, think it only actually came out today, but i've been hammering it a lot over the last few days via youtube and soundcloud, and decided as I'm on holiday i’d grab a freebie and feature some new music i’d been listening to… and so here we are. enjoy…


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