10 Jan

Chromeo – Juice

Always found Chromeo a bit of an odd group, not odd weird, but odd in that I felt they always had so much potential but found them slightly the wrong side of tongue in cheek. Don't get me wrong I liked their stuff but I always just felt there was so much more potential in their music then was actually delivered.


That's maybe a little harsh, because it's hard to deny that when they hit their straps they are a pretty dynamic group, both Dave 1 and P-Thugg are exceptional musicians with a wonderful understanding of dance music and how it's tethered in the past. One of their stand out moments is their most recent track Juice (from their forthcoming album Head Over Heels) A wonderful Chic-esque sounding 80's jam built around  P-Thuggs keyboard skills offering a wonderful counterpoint to Dave 1's vocals. It's all about melody and counterpoints.


I shied away from posting it when it first dropped back in November as pretty much everyone covered it and in truth I wasn't in the headspace to do so, but it's been getting absolutely smashed over Christmas and New Year and I've come to the conclusion it's really quite wonderful track – with a pretty funny video.


There are also a few really good remixes floating around, some for free download on their soundcloud, one of my favourites is this Party Pupils slightly more housey take on it:



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