11 Jan

Chromatic Filters – Evolving

CHFA word i often use on ths blog is evolving. As you know, when it comes to dance music, i like tracks that start somewhere and gradually get to where their going by evolving and mutating over the course of the tune. Yeah sure, i like a banging catchy hook from the of as much as the next guy, but there is something that I really identify with when something is just a locked groove that sounds like it's going nowhere but has actually taken you on a 5 minute journey. so luckily for me today’s track is actually called Evolving. 

Chromatic Filters – Evolving

So job done end of the post.

If only it was that easy.

I don't really know much about Chromatic Filters, a quick search reveals they are an Italian production team based in London and they've been getting much attention from the major players in the scene, people such as Ashley Beedle, Terry Farley, X-Press 2, Danny Krivit and a whole host of other names.

If i'm honest though this is the first track i've heard by them but skipping back through previous releases they've got a lovely sound about them drifting accross nu-disco, deep and slo-mo house and EDM it's a lovely cross section of sounds, but i chose Evolving because it's one of those tracks that sucks me in from the off.

For  a start i'm an absoloute sucker for a low pass filter sweep, especially when it opens over such a long period of a track. but it's the way new elements are introduced on the 4th and 8th bars. It is at it's most basic a straight up loop, but the layers that come in no matter how small just move the track on at just the right speed. When people talk about trance music most think big rooms Tiesto shite, but for me a true trance tune is something like this, that just locks into that washed out and tribal groove

I'll leave it there and let you give it a listen, it came about a couple of weeks ago, and is available on most of the download stores. It's well worth the investment if you ask me.. enjoy.

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