19 May

Christine and the Queens – Tilted (Paradis Remix)

There is so much great music coming out over the next few days it's unreal. So I guess it's a little ironic that i'm opting for a track nearly a year old in Paradis's remix of the amazing Tilted by Christine and the Queens.


In truth I'd forgotten all about this version of the track, the original is a particular favourite but i may actually like this version better (especially the French version, but more on that in a minute).


I rediscovered it by way of rediscovering another track by Paradis, Le Ballade de Jim, the wonderfully emotive and soulful version of Alain Souchon, it popped up on my playlist the other day and I ended up digging deeper and deeper, and somehow ended up back at the Christine and the Queens Soundcloud.


The thing that I really like is how they take such a stripped back and sparse track (and i say that in a good way) and add a layer of soul and funk that completely flips the track, I mean it's no a complicated remix, but their choice of sounds and the melody that flows through the track is absolutely perfect.


One of those great remixes that when done well can almost own the track more than the original. I don't know if that is because of the separation they can hear something in the vocal that isn't there in the original. Either way it's a great track, and nicer is there is both french language version (below) which is my preference and below and an English version, the soundcloud above. I'm not sure if the remix ever actually got an official release, but regardless it's a gem.





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