20 Mar

Christian Prommer – Marimba (Jon Charnis Remix)

It was a somewhat bleary eyed blogger who set off for work this morning. An early morning (like 4.30am early) wake up call courtesy of my son (I blame the eclipse) wiped me out. I needed something energetic but still chilled to help me through my daily odyssey.

Christian Prommer – Marimba (Jon Charnis Remix)

If you don't know Prommer is behind many top quality music aliases and groups, Rainer Trüby Trio and Fauna Flash being the most notable ones. He's been producing for a long time, Nu Jazz, Deep House, Tech house, Latin. You name it he's made it… so i guess it's kind of funny that i'm actually going for the John Charnis remix of his Marimba track.

Charnis is a long time LA producer and DJ, he's been making a real name since Dixon's Innervisions label signed him up and he's been steadily delivering some of the most sought after remixes around for artists like Art Department and labels like Leftroom Records and Compost Records.

I really like how this remix is put together, it being one of the most melodic house tracks i've heard in a while, a pounding kick drum bass line is overdubbed with stabs and rhodes keys awash in reverb but it's the heavy set delayed bells counter melody that really drives the track along till the arps start, but really i's all about the rhythms.

It's just a really lush sounding track that would be as equally at home in the sunny poolside as the dark loungey basement room of a club.

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