22 Oct

Chris James feat. Ria Moran – Song For Her (Audiojack’s Dub for Ra)

I'm gonna make this a short one as it's been a long day and i fancy cutting straight to the music.

Chris James feat. Ria Moran – Song For Her (Audiojack's Dub for Ra)

I picked this up last week on Beatport, amongst a ton of other deep house tracks. It's a beautiful laid back 2 step broken beat style remix of the lovely Chris James track (which is also worth tracking down at the same time).

I've not really encountered Audiojack that much, I only have a few items by them but what i have heard I've really liked. They hail from Leeds and have had tracks on 20:20 vision, Get Physical and a ton of other labels i really admire right now.

In regards to this track I really like how the jazz chords and the loping beat complement the chopped soulful vocals, but the way the track never stays the still constantly switching and changing form is a real delight. it reminds me a lot of Jazzanova in it's deep drifting drums and keyboard melodies, which is possibly an unfair comparison as it really stands on it's own. I love how the vocal finally drops and extra counter melodies drift up on the counterpoint between the Rhodes chords.


And I'll leave it there, as it's a gem and you should be listening not reading. it's out on Gruuv Records, and cam out last week i think, track it down.

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