16 Mar

Chocolate Avenue – We Feel It





Over the years the formula for Deep House has remained pretty consistent. Take a 4/4 kick pattern ramp it up to 120-125bpm, add a bit of bass, maybe some strings, maybe some synths, bit of Rhodes piano etc… but to carry it off successfully without sounding like everything else that’s come before and keeping it interesting enough is really difficult, in fact I’d say it’s one of the most difficult genres to get right as there is almost no room for error.

When it’s done well though it is, for me at least, one of those musical genres that is really emotive.

Something i really like about the genre right now is the fact that more and more great deep house is coming from the less traditional enclaves. Russia is a great example of this, artists like AcosKoolcas and D-Pulse on the Theomatic label and a new artist (I presume) in Chocolate Avenue.

I’ll keep it simple as I have to be honest here, I know absolutely nothing about Chocolate Avenue other than he’s from St Petersburg and he’s got a sickeningly garish website being built, but the music is why we’re here and the “Get Down” EP released on TheSounds is a gem.

I was originally taken in by the Colin Shelton remix of the title track, Get Down, but on purchase it turned out I preferred the original version of Get Down. Something I’ve loved since I was a record buying kid though is the fact that so often after a few days it turns out the best tracks are the songs on the B-side, and after a couple of listens I was sucked in by “We Feel It” (although can you have a B-Side on a digital release?).

The track in itself is relatively simple in construct, as mentioned before the 4/4 pattern is prevalent, but layered over this is a percussion track with a ton of swing to it. The track is quite hypnotic in sound and groove, it doesn’t change much but on the flip of that it builds and dips at exactly the right moments, using filtered stabs and a nice deep bass to keep the heart of the track bumping, it locks in and keeps going all the way to the end. I haven’t had a chance but I think this track would work a dance floor really well. All in all it’s one of the strongest tracks I’ve heard over the last few months and well worth grabbing if you get the chance

It's not always fair to make comparisons with other artists or music that's past but this really reminds me of the early Paper Music and Glasgow Underground output which is some of my favourite Deep House and well worth checking.

Enjoy the track


Playlist Friday 16th March 2012

I loaded up with some new music last night, most of it deep house driven, so I decided to work my way through it all in full this morning on my way into work.

It’s a glorious day here in Paris, so I started with the Balearic sounding Get Down (Colin Shelton Mix), from there I took in The Moon Boots "Off My Mind" and Tiger & Woods re-rub of Tensnakes “I need your Loving”from the Future Disco Vol 5 LP. Followed that up with AtJazz's "For Real" (Andrea Saag's Slowdown), Chocolate Avenue's  – We feel it, and Gadi Mizrahi and Soul Claps funktastic Romantic Comedy. As i approached work i listened to John Talabot's fantastic Missing You from the Fin album.

Playlist: Chocolate Avenue – Get Down (Colin Shelton Mix), The Moon Boots – Off my Mind, Tensnake – I need your Lovin (Tiger & Woods Remix), AtJazz – For Real (Andrea Saag's Slowdown), Chocolate Avenue – We Feel It, Gadi Mizrahi & Soul CLap – Romantic Comedy, John Talabot Missing You.

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