04 Sep

Chimes And Bells – The Mole (Trentemoller Remix)

Yesterdays selection by Fourbearsjr got me digging back through some disco and "disco not disco" style house and I stumbled back upon this Trentemøller remix of the moles from a few years ago and i decided to revisit it on my journey into work and on today's blog.


I think we've featured Trentemøller a few times on here, both Fourbearsjr and myself are huge fans ever since he dropped In Progress on New Yorks Naked Music.


The Mole is a pretty strange track really, it’s kind of like three remixes in one track, all tied togther with parts from the previous section. It starts out utilising a beatless soundscape with the lead vocal drifting seemingly drifting into an ethereal place. It's sparse, and dark and as one soundcloud commentator says it's some "scary sh*t"


But it's really how the track progresses from this empty space to a full on slo-mo house track that really does it for me and if you compare the start to the finish of the track without ever listening to it you'd never guess that they were the same track. The introduction of a straight 4/4 beat, the buzzing arppegiated bass line, the soft chic-esq guitar lick as the emptiness of the mid-track breakdown evaporates, the de-tuned stabbed chords just elevate it to a place that you could never have imagined it reaching upon the opening salvo.


Anyway, give it a listen in full below, and enjoy.



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