07 Feb

Chilly Gonzales – You Can Dance

chillyIt's officially my birthday, so i am treating myself to a freebie track today, in Chilly Gonzales – You Can Dance.

It's a choice that's hardly going to be a revelation for a lot of people as Gonzales is a reasonably popular musician/artist. But i like this song, a lot, and have been listening to it frequentley of late with my little boy who likes to roll on the floor to it (it's his idea of dancing).

It's always good when music has some real character behind it, and Gonzales is probably one of the most larger than life artists out there. For those who don't know he hails from Canada, and after an aborted alt-pop career he reinvented himself as an all singing all dancing rapper/stroke pianist – and he's bloody brilliant at both those disciplines – learning to play at the renowned McGill University in Quebec.

He's worked with a lot of artists as a writer and producer, collaborating on Feists remarkable albums "Let it die" and "The Reminder" most notably on my favourite track of hers, "My Moon My Man", and that's just the tip of the ice berg in regards to his body of work ad credits. The mans everywhere, releasing his own music on "kitty yo", "Universal" and "General Threat" under various guises.

"But what about todays track?" I hear you say, well "You can dance" is a huge bundle of fun, great piano, great vocals all tied together with Germanys Boys Noize on production. The beat and bass line swing the track along with a disco vibe, the piano brings a huge melody into play and the vocals round everything off nicely (i’d swear that’s Feist in the background). It was always going to be a hit and while never selling as many as his album Solo Piano the album it was taken from, Ivory Tower, did very very well and importantly is a great introduction to his music, so i recommend you track it down. It has battle rap tracks, straight piano pieces and housey dance tracks like todays choice.

Past that if you can see him live, it's an opportunity that doesn't come around often, but if it does grab it – he may  perform all his shows in a smoking jacket and look like a middle aged dad with the worst hangover ever, but he's increidbly talented and a great great showman.


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