20 Oct chilly gonzales

Chilly Gonzales – Knight Moves (Original version)

I had no internet last week, thanks to Fourbears for covering the blog, and today i'm off sick so i'm absolutely taking a freebie:

Chilly Gonzales – Knight Moves (Original version)

I'm a big fan of Chilly Gonzales, there is a whole post about how great he is here. So i'm just gonna focus on how awesome this piece of music is. The piano, the dance beat, the counterpoint strings and the crescendo it all builds up to.

It's a great bit of music, produced by Boyz Noize if i recall correctly, and it's a great listen from a brilliant album I've been revisiting a lot lately. Interestingly there is a DVd out of Gonzales performing the album which i highly recommend you pick up, there is a simply amazing live version of Knight Moves in the soundcloud set below.


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