24 Aug

Chet Faker – No Diggity

Going with another cover version this friday, may have to make it a special feature or something (I won't), but anyway…. the track i chose today is Chet Fakers monumental cover version of No Diggity. Yeah you read that right, No Diggity as in the Blackstreet R'N'B classic.

Cover versions of pop songs is nothing new, or generally that exciting but i like the fact that in this day when sampling is the easiest option people can still make me go "Wow!" with a simple re-interpretation of a track i know so so well. I mean it’s possibly one of my favourite R’n’b songs ever.

There is not that much out there about Faker, he's from Melbourne and has deliberately kept  a low profile letting his music do his talking, and it speaks volumes. The track is reinterpreted via a mixture between bluesy folk and electronica, the deep reverbed electronic piano carries the melody, and the drums are simple and to the point, he has a smokey voice that struggles with the songs he throws at it, but sounds all the better for it and on this occasion it really elevates the song past what could have been a very average cover and makes it thoroughly his own, and the cooky samples of children at the start and finish add a little fun and warmth that could easily have been overlooked.

I'm not a massive electronic folk fan, occasional tracks, and artists like feist etc.. catch my attention, but it's seldom my go to music, but when i like  atrack i really like it and tend to get quite obsessed with them, illustrated by the fact i've been listening to it over and over again for the last two three days.

I think the album came out back in June, but i’ve just not had time to properly listen to it till this week. You can grab it from itunes, but do skip through his Soundcloud there is some challenging but interesting textured soundscapes in there.


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